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EasyWorship 2009 General Questions

What’s new in EasyWorship 2009?

New to EasyWorship 2009 is Display Foldback, Video Jockey mode, web integration for scheduling websites and full screen YouTube videos during a presentation, as well as an audio library for scheduled audio playback.

EasyWorship 2009 also provides access to the online media store, which includes integrated downloads so media is automatically placed in the correct library in EasyWorship. Another big update is the redesigned interface, now theme-aware for XP, Vista and Windows 7.

For an overview of new features in EasyWorship 2009, click here.

What are the system requirements for EasyWorship 2009?

For an overview of EasyWorship 2009 system requirements, click here.

Can I activate an EasyWorship product key online?

Yes, if you purchased EasyWorship 2009 from a dealer and received a product key, you can activate that key online at As soon as you activate, we'll email you a thank you letter that includes important registration information. After you've installed EasyWorship and successfully activated your product key, you'll need to register the software using the information from this email in order to turn off the 30 day trial period in EasyWorship.

To register, open EasyWorship, go to Help in the main menu and click on Register Products. In the three open fields, type in your registration information EXACTLY as it appears in the email we sent you. Click the Validate button and you're all done. If you have trouble with registration, please email or call us for free phone support at (918) 250-1493 from 9am to 6pm CST, Monday through Friday.

How do I upgrade to EasyWorship 2009?

If you are currently using EasyWorship 2007 or a previous version, you can upgrade to EasyWorship 2009 for $99. Click the blue "BUY NOW" button at the top of the side column and then add the upgrade to your shopping cart.

If you purchased EasyWorship 2007 anytime during 2009, you can upgrade for FREE by following these basic steps:

STEP 1 Click the blue "BUY NOW" button.
STEP 2 Click "Add to Cart" on the blue "Upgrade to 2009" graphic.
STEP 3 You'll be prompted to login to your existing web account or create a new account.
STEP 4 Indicate the church name and Serial Number you want to upgrade and click Proceed.
STEP 5 Install EasyWorship 2009 and register it using the new Serial Number you receive via email.

Is a Mac version of EasyWorship being developed?

Yes, we're in full development for the next version of EasyWorship. First, we will release the PC and then the Mac version. Each version will be 'native' to its environment, but the user experience will be similar so you can switch back and forth between PC and Mac without having to learn a new product. Files and databases will also be compatible across both platforms.

Currently, you can use EasyWorship with a Mac by working through Boot Camp, which is a free application available through Apple. You can't run EasyWorship simultaneously with your Mac OS, but Boot Camp will allow you to switch from your Mac OS to Windows XP or Vista for running EasyWorship. A release date for the new PC/Mac version has not been announced.

Can I add my own Bibles to EasyWorship?

In order to work properly in the software, EasyWorship Bibles have to be added by our developers in-house. If you don't see a translation you need, you can request it by emailing us at We'll do our best to research the translation and integrate it as soon as we can. However, please be patient with us. The process to integrate a Bible can take some time.

How do I make an image or video the default background for a song?

You can save a video, image, custom color, etc. as the default background for a particular song. Simply right-click on the song in the resource area, choose the option to edit the song in the database and then from the Backgrounds dropdown choose the Fill Effects option. Your selection will be saved on a per-song basis and automatically displayed behind the text the next time you open that song.

Can I play Quicktime files in EasyWorship?

EasyWorship and Windows don’t support Quicktime files natively. However, the K-Lite Codec Pack from will allow you to play most Quicktime files (.mp4, H.264 and many .mov files). Please note that Apple Lossless (RAW or Uncompressed) Audio and Video will not work with EasyWorship using this codec pack. For more information on installing this codec...(read more)

Can I play audio files in EasyWorship 2009?

Yes, there is an Audio tab in the Resource Area in EasyWorship 2009. You can now import audio files and drag & drop to the Schedule like you do other media types. You can also assign a single audio file to multiple lyric or scripture slides.

Does EasyWorship 2009 Support Flash Content?

Yes, EasyWorship 2009 supports flash content. To learn more about playing SWF content in EasyWorship 2009...(read more)

Does EasyWorship support languages other than English?

EasyWorship supports single byte text, so many foreign languges will work in EasyWorship just like English. For example, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, etc. However, EasyWorship does not fully support two byte text such as Chinese and Japanese. These languages will appear left justified only. Bible translations are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Norsk, and more. Multi-language support is planned for the next version of EasyWorship.

Is EasyWorship networkable?

Yes, EasyWorship is networkable. EasyWorship 2009 installs your song database into the shared or public documents folder, so accessing the database from another computer is easy. Since the database is already shared, you just need to connect to it from another computer. Be aware that only one person can access the database at a time.

Can I purchase EasyWorship by making a bank deposit from outside the US?

We can Invoice your church. You will need to get a Money Order from your bank (bank check) in US funds. The Money Order needs to be made out to Softouch Development, Inc. and mailed to the following:

Softouch Development, Inc.
ATTN: Accounting
8025 E. 63rd Pl., Ste. 255
Tulsa, OK 74133

When your church is invoiced, we will issue a temporary serial number so that you are able to use the program while the payment is in process. Once we process your payment, you will be issued a permanent serial number for EasyWorship.

What is CCLI?

Christian Copyright Licensing International licenses your church to display songs and gives you a license number to display on your lyric slides. CCLI organizes contracts and copyright information for all the different artists and labels and takes care of the royalties so you don't have to. To edit the appearance of your CCLI license number in your lyric slides, go to the Live menu item in EasyWorship, select Options and then go to the Copyrights tab. At the bottom of the window is a field for License Info. Type your CCLI license number once and it will appear automatically in each song that is copyrighted. Within the Copyrights tab, you can also edit the location, text, color, height and weight of this number.

EasyWorship Licensing

What are the licensing options for EasyWorship?

A Site License comes standard with every copy of EasyWorship, allowing you to install and concurrently use it on any number of computers that relate to a single church or organization. Your Site License covers the following uses: staff and volunteers installing EasyWorship on their home computers to create service schedules, your church small groups using EasyWorship in their homes, one of your pastors installing EasyWorship to a laptop for use while ministering at another church or conference, or installing it at a youth or children’s facility that is off-site.

Your Site License does not cover installation at additional church plants or other campuses that would be considered multi-site. An additional Site License must be purchased for a church plant, satellite campus, missionary, separate traveling ministry, parachurch organization supported by your church, or any other off-campus adult ministry that employs its own staff or has a separate office.

How many copies of EasyWorship do I need?

Since EasyWorship comes with a Site License standard, chances are you only need one copy. If you’re a church or organization with one location, all the computers and projectors at that location are covered by the Site License. If your church is multi-site, or if you have satellite locations, you'll need to purchase a copy of EasyWorship for each location.

Can I install EasyWorship to more than one computer?

EasyWorship comes with a Site License standard, so if your church or organization owns EasyWorship, you can install the program to every computer at that location. You can also project simultaneously from multiple rooms at that location. That sounds like a given, but we like to clarify because while most Site Licenses allow for unlimited installs on computers, not all Site Licenses allow for what is called “concurrent use”, or projecting simultaneously. EasyWorship makes it simple by allowing unlimited installs to computers and unlimited projection anywhere at a single location.

Can I transfer my copy of EasyWorship to another church or organization?

In order to transfer your license to another church, missionary or organization, you will need to write a signed and dated letter of intent on your church or organization’s letterhead and then fax it to +1 (918) 615-3788 or mail it to us (emails will not be accepted). Please state in your letter that you have uninstalled EasyWorship from every computer at your current church or organization before transferring it.

Mail To:
Softouch Development, Inc.
8023 E. 63rd Pl., Ste. 255
Tulsa, OK 74133

Important: In the letter, include your Church or organization’s Serial Number, organization name, address, phone number and email address, along with the name and email address of the primary contact who is currently on file with your account. You’ll also need to include the organization name, address, phone number, email address and primary contact information of the church or organization to which you will be transferring the software.

Do you offer an academic discount?

EasyWorship software is offered at a 35% academic discount for accredited colleges and universities. The academic discount is only available to customers who purchase directly from EasyWorship. To request this discount, call us at +1 (918) 250-1493.