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Due to EasyWorship 2009 no longer being supported, the integrated media store is no longer accessible. If you would like to continue your use of the intergrated media store, we recommend you upgrade to EasyWorship 7.
With EasyWorship 7, you get great new features like:
Remote App
Don't let those wires tie you down! With our Remote App for iOS and Android, you have the power to remotely control your slides from anywhere in the building.
Live Streaming
Whether you choose to use a wired stream or wireless broadcast, EasyWorship integrates easily into your live stream workflow through SDI and/or NDI.
With our Midi Controller functionality, you'll enjoy easy access to control your slides during worship! Just tap your pre-programmed keys/buttons to switch slides without breaking the flow.
Our Alpha Channel feature gives you the ability to layer transparent videos and still images in an endless number of configurations. This is one feature you don't want to miss!